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3. WHERE YOU STAY AT?: Poughquag, New York. & I go to Maryland a lot. :] Bel Air if you're curious as to what part. :P

4. YOU GOT A BOO?: Yes I do. He's sooooo wonderful! I can't wait to see him. I'm leaving in 2 days. :DDD

5. COTTON CANDY or POPSICLES?: I like both. ;]

6. TELL US A LIL MORE ABOUT YOURSELF: Well, I love horror movies. Mainly Friday the 13th. :] I've loved horror movies since I was a kid. I also loved hearing ghost stories & now i'm really into paranormal related things. hopefully I can stay in a haunted house for a night sometime. :D

7. YOU GOT A JOB? OR ARE YOU A SLACKER LIKE NATTY?: Yeah, I'm a slacker. :x BUT I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm nervous. & I'm not as cool as Natty, so she makes being a slacker look good. LOL. :x

8. HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN YOUR ASS KICKED?: No. Lol, I think some people are intimidated by me. I've had people tell me i'm intimidating. I guess they all think i'm an angry fat kid [i've also been told I look angry all the time] & that I'm gonna sit on them. Hahah. :P


9. PSY. MEMBER & WHY?: Jamie Madrox, because he's hilarious and he's a fat kid. I LOVE fat kids. :] I mean since I am one myself. I love his singing voice like on Darkness. -melt- That's one of my weaknesses I guess, when males sing & have good voices. I could just sit there and listen to them sing forever. He's got sexy eyebrows & hot lips. mmmm. AHHH i'm getting all worked up! -stops myself- sorry, lol.

10. GROUPS/ARTISTS [NON-PSY.]: I have a bunch right now. MSI, PT grimm, Atreyu, From Autumn to Ashes & Deadstar Assembly.

11. PSY. SONG: "Spin the Bottle" ;] or "Darkness."

12. PSY. MOMENT/MEMORY: At the GOTJ 04 Madrox was driving by the volleyball court & he saw two little kids playing in the sand. He stopped the cart & got off it. He walked over to the little kids & was talking to them for a while. It was so cute. People flooded over there though & were taking a bunch of pics. But yeah, that was a really cute moment. I'll always remember it. :]

13. SONG [NON-PSY.]: right now it would be "Black Seed" by PT grimm or "Breathe for Me" by Deadstar Assembly.

14. CONCERT: Psy - Greenbook tour. It was on my birthday & everyone outside sang to me then sprayed me with faygo. :D it was awesome! Non Psy - Ozzfest. I went for the first time in 2004. It was so much fun. Met two juggalos there & walked around with them all day. I missed Black Sabbath & Judas Priest though. -cries- :\

15. MOVIE: Bowling for Columbine. The Crow. The Purple Show. BMH. Born Twiztid. all Friday the 13th movies [Freddy vs Jason included]. Bad Boys II. Mermaids. Casper. the Never Ending Story. Empire Records. Unico in the Island of Magic [80's anime cartoon I loved when I was a kid].

16. FOOD: sushi! jolly ranchers. hamburger helper. :x

17. DRINK: diet coke. green tea. rock n rye & peach faygo. coffee. jagermeister. incredible hulks [half hypnotiq half hennessey, mmm!].



19. WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES?: being an LJ junkie. going to concerts. listening to music.

20. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOWN?: since 99, so that's 6 yrs. WOW, time has flown by. O_o

21. HOW'D YOU GET INTO LISTENING TO PSY.?: Well, I started liking Twiztid first. I saw my friend [at the time] wearing a Freekshow shirt [the split faces] & I was like "Who is that?" & he told me. So he let me listen to their stuff. :]

22. IF YOU HAD 24 HOURS LEFT TO LIVE,WHAT WOULD YOU DO?: Oh man, that's a hard question. I'd probably say goodbye to everyone that's close to me. I mean, I wouldn't go without saying goodbye. It may seem a sad thing to be saying, but that's what I'd do. Then I'd probably head up to Rochester, NY to visit my friend Coreys grave [he died a year ago due to a car accident]. I'd sit there for a while and just think about a lot of things. I'd get the sad stuff out of the way. This question is really hard to answer. I have no clue what I would do after saying goodbye & visiting Coreys grave. I might be too sad to do anything for a while. I'd probably go out somewhere with my boyfriend & have a good time for a while. :]

23. IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY,WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE SKRILLA?: I'd give a lot of the money to childrens charities. Children with terminal illnesses & such. Then with the left over money I'd buy nice stuff for members of my family. Then I'd go out somewhere nice with my boyfriend, have a nice dinner & then go to a movie. then go somewhere really pretty & romantic, just sit there with him. Maybe buy myself some things, some clothes & dvd's I want. :]


25. IF YOU WERE TO KILL SOMEBODY WHAT WOULD YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE BE?[DON'T EVEN SAY AN AX/HATCHET.WE WILL LAUGH AT YOU & MAYBE EVEN REJECT YOU RIGHT OFF THE BAT!]: A machette. It's a big weapon & it looks like it'd be fun to use. Everytime I watch Friday the 13th it makes me want to own a machette just to have. :P Jason kicked the girl from Destinys Childs' ass with that machette in Freddy vs Jason. That was one of the best parts. :D

26. WHO WOULD YOU KILL & HOW? [BE VERY DESCRIPTIVE W/ THE DETAILS.THE MORE GORE THE BETTER]: I guess I get all my ideas from movies, but this way looked cool & would pretty much be safe enough NOT to get caught. It's the part in the movie "The Crow" when Eric Draven is with T-Bird on the pier. He ties T-Bird to the seat of his car, throws an explosive in his lap & puts a brick on the gas. He puts the car in drive, the car drives off the pier & explodes in the air, crashing down into the water. I have no clue who I would do that to though, I really don't hate anyone that much to want to kill them.

27. DO YOU THINK FEMALE VAMPIRES ARE SELF-SUFFICIENT DURING THEIR PERIOD?: Hmm, they could be. I don't know what else to say for this question. :x

28. HOW DO YOU EAT YOUR REESES'?: I've always tried to push the middle out so it's just the chocolate ring. Lol, sometimes I succeeded but mostly failed. Now I just bite it but ocassionally I'll still try to push out the peanut butter in the middle. I saw that on the Reeses commercial once. :P Wow, movies & tv really does effect your life. Haha.

29. TELL YOUR BEST "YO MOMMA" JOKE: Yo momma is so hairy you almost died of rugburn at birth.


30. THE EVENTS THAT WENT ON AT THIS YEARS HALLOWICKED: Um, I really don't know what happened. O_o eh, I guess I'm always left in the dark with some things. -__-

31. EMINEM: I like Eminem. I stopped liking him for a while, I was just tired of him. I mean, I can't handle continuous Eminem but I can listen to him once in a while.

32. GROUPIES: UGH, they're the worst. Probably one of the things on my list of pet peeves. Why would you be proud to be called or call yourself a groupie? Eh, that's lame to me. I know someone who I guess is a Wolpac groupie. Heard some gross but funny things. :\

33. DRUGS/DRUG LAWS: Some drugs are alright in my opinion. Only two actually, marijuana & shrooms. Never done shrooms, not my thing. But I don't think it's as bad as the other drugs out there. I cannot stand people who brag about doing E or heroin or any other hardcore drug like that. Coke is a stupid thing to brag about doing too. I feel bad for the addicts. I met a girl once who had to leave my boyfriends house because she was going threw withdrawl & went to find more drugs. she was freaking out a little. it sucks because she was really nice & she's down. she showed me her hatchetman tattoo on her arm. :\

34. DRINKING: drinking is good. just don't brag about you being an underage drinker. It really doesn't make you cool. I'm going to able to legally by alcohol is about 7 months. WOOP WOOP! ;]

35. OUR PRESIDENT: I'm not really into politics at all. I find it annoying. But one thing I don't agree with that he has done is the War on Terror. Yeah, it's good we found Sadam but that's the only good thing. He keeps sending more people out there when he should be bringing them home. I'm tired of hearing about people dying over there. Be it the Americans or the Iraqis. I can't wait until this is all over.


36. FUNNY:

Lol, I know that's from either from _violent_k_ or klowndogg.

37. SEXY:

I don't know who posted the this one, but I saved it. :P


^ My current icon from the creepy_icons community. :]


39. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF?: I like my personality & I like the fact that I'm very honest & very opinionated. I really like my sense of humor, I laugh at the things I say a lot. Eh, yeah I'm a geek. Heh.

Sometimes I like how I look, sometimes I don't. It's normal. :P I like my eyes because I have this orange-ish/yellowish color around my pupils. :]

40. WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT YOU? [THIS CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR APP. SO DON'T FUCK UP!BWAHAHA]: Because I'm honest with people & I will tell them how it is. It may be harsh, but I really don't care. :] I think that's a good reason to be accepted. :x

xPICTURESx [post atleast 3]:

Modeling my old Freekshow jersey. -cries.- I miss it. :[

Sideview. It gets a good shot of my sexy earrings. xD haha.

YEAH, I know I look like I'm high in that picture. -__- Haha.

Sorry those are all up close & stuff. That camera sucked. I'll try to get a better one sometime. :] I took some on Christmas, but my Aunts friend has the camera. Hopefully he didn't delete the pictures.

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